Rapid Assessment and Prioritization of Protected Areas Management (RAPPAM)

The RAPPAM enables a quick evaluation of protected area network at national or regional scale. This methodology provides protected areas agencies with a country (or regional)-wide overview of the effectiveness of protected area management, threats, vulnerabilities and degradation. It provides follow-up recommendations, and is an important first step in assessing and improving protected area management.


Download RAPPAM evaluations of African protected area networks


Scale of assessment Country or region Date of assessment
Country wide Burkina Faso Dec 2008
Country wide Burundi Sept 2010
Country wide Congo July 2011
Country wide Ivory Coast July 2007
Country wide Ghana Dec 2009
Country wide Guinea Feb 2008
Country wide Bissau Guinea March 2007
Country wide Mali Nov 2007
Country wide Mauritania Oct 2007
Country wide Niger Apr 2010
Country wide Democratic Republic of Congo Apr 2010
Country wide Togo Apr 2008
Country wide Chad June 2008
Region wide West African RAMSAR sites June 2009
Region wide West African World Heritage sites June 2009
Region wide West African marine protected areas (RAMPAO) June 2009
Region wide Congo Basin Forest ecosystem protected areas (Central Africa) May 2010