Other interesting publications related to the work or based on the work of PAPACO that help to better understand drivers that can improve or hinder protected area conservation in Africa and identify appropriate practical solutions to make it work better.

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Acronyme           PA: Protected Area

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Theme Title of the publication Source
Categories of PAs Guidelines for applying protected area management categories IUCN guidelines
Ecological monitoring Guidelines for biodiversity assessment and monitoring for protected areas UNEP / WCMC
Ecological restoration of PAs Ecological restoration for protected areas: principles, guidelines and best practices IUCN guidelines
Effectiveness of PAs Evaluating effectiveness: a framework for assessing management effectiveness of protected areas IUCN guidelines
Financing PAs Sustainable Financing of Protected Areas IUCN guidelines
Gap analysis of KBAs Identification and gap analysis of key biodiversity areas IUCN guidelines
Governance of PAs Governance of protected areas _ from understanding to action IUCN guidelines
Management plans of PAs Guidelines for management planning of protected areas IUCN guidelines