Ecological restoration for protected areas:

Principles, guidelines and best practices

1Now more than ever, it is clear that achieving our shared vision for a world in which nature is valued and conserved requires enhanced action, not only to protect what remains, but also to recover what has been lost.

We have collectively done much to expand the global network of protected areas and to improve the management of these treasured places and the lands and waters between them as a fundamental contribution to meeting our global conservation challenges. But we are capable of doing more!

In some places, natural, cultural, or other associated values of protected areas have been compromised or lost. We know that in many cases, we can restore these values. By taking action, through ecological restoration both within and outside protected areas, we can re-establish species, re-connect habitats, re-instate natural processes and recover cultural traditions and practices; and in doing so, we can restore the values and benefits of protected areas for all.

The promise of ecological restoration is thus the hope that, through action, our shared vision can be realized. This publication is a comprehensive compilation of guidance and related examples of ecological restoration for protected areas produced to date.

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