MOOC on Law Enforcement

Law and regulations enforcement is one of the key aspects of protected area management. It relies on the implementation of specific processes that reduce or eliminate threats to protected area values. Law enforcement requires understanding, learning and applying specific knowledge and techniques. What is law enforcement? What are its implications? How to implement it and what are the traps to avoid? What are its limits and strengths? How does it help improving protected area management? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed in this MOOC.


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UNIT 1 – Law and protected Areas

1.1       Introduction

1.2       What is law?

1.3       Law and conservation

1.4       Law and governance

1.5       Rights

1.6       Institutions

1.7       Introduction to regulation

1.8       Area-based regulations

1.9       Species-based regulation

1.10    Activity or threat-based regulation

1.11    International Law: What is international law

1.12    International Law: Environmental Agreements

1.13    International Law: Key MEAs

1.14    International Law: Principles and Rights

1.15    Compliance and Enforcement


UNIT 2 – Professional ethic 

2.1       Introduction

2.2       What should I do

2.3       Definitions

2.4       Ethical principles

2.5       Codes et charters

2.6       Ethical dilemma


UNIT 3 – Corruption

3.1       Introduction

3.2       Corruption

3.3       Understanding the motivations

3.4       Fight against corruption – organization

3.5       Fight against corruption – individual


UNIT 4 – Giving orders

4.1       Introduction

4.2       Objectives

4.3       Understanding the problem, analyzing the mission

4.4       Assessing the means and possibility for action

4.5       Operational decisions and decisions

4.6       Categories and operational orders


UNIT 5 – Enforcing the law in the protected areas

5.1       Introduction

5.2       Surveillance

5.3       Stakeholders

5.4       Planning

5.5       Organising

5.6       Material

5.7       Intelligence

5.8       New technologies