Analysis of management practices in a sample of 10 Guinean protected areas: how do they contribute to conservation?

pic1A first assessment of the protected areas (PAs) network in Guinea was carried out in February 2008 with the RAPPAM tool. This evaluation has provided an overview of the management effectiveness of the whole PA network and provided a number of recommendations for improving the PAs’ efficiency.

This additional study on a sample of 10 PAs is aiming at providing an in-depth analysis of the management and the conditions required to improve the effectiveness of these sites. This study brings a new vision on the relevance of the PAs that should be part of the national PA network. It highlights the weaknesses of the current conservation objectives set for each area, and for the network as a whole, the lack of capacities for developing management and monitoring tools, the inappropriate means dedicated to support PAs, etc. Recommendations propose to rethink the IUCN category set for each PAs in order to increase the relevance of the PA network.

Detailed fact sheets with the management features of each PAs are available in annexes.

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