Independent external assessment of current and potential management practices of Malian protected areas: recommendations for their improvement

pic1Mali has a network of protected areas but it is feared that their future will be jeopardized by the multiple pressures and threats on them. The will to sustainably conserve them seems to be lacking and this poses the issue of the management of common properties (including natural resources) dealt with in this study. This is a stake that should draw the attention of Mali nation as a whole. This study therefore makes an uncompromising assessment of the current situation and proposes ways to remedy whenever it is still possible. If the assessment is severe, it is in the aim to offer the possibility to make good decisions and change conservation policies at the highest level. This external analysis has not been approved by the Mali directorate in charge of protected areas. It is nevertheless an important working document for those who want to think the future of conservation over in this country, and they will draw subjects to fuel the debates and decisions.

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