Distance learning dedicated to West African protected areas’ staff: a feasibility study

pic1The feasibility study of a distance learning training dedicated to West African protected areas’ staff was justified by the poor availability of training courses on PA management adapted to the African context.

A 100% distance learning process is not recommended given its level of risk of failure in the short term. However the development of a mixed option combining distance learning and on site courses would provide the opportunity to follow up the level of appropriation of teachers and students of these new e-learning modalities over time.

The first step toward a mixed system would consist in introducing e-learning units within existing on site courses. Those e-learning units would firstly deal with basic scientific and sociological requirements needed to understand the broad panel of skills and knowledge related to PA management.

Financing such a program requires a step by step process. But the priority remains in developing a substantial amount of e-learning material that can be integrated in existing on site courses. With such a soft transition, this system will contribute to create a comprehensive distance learning process dedicated professionals involved in conservation in West Africa on the long run.

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