Economic benefits of West African protected areas: what is their contribution to conservation?

pic1The aim of protected areas management is to preserve the environment, namely the natural resources, biodiversity, landscape quality, etc.

These objectives concern economy and society at various levels: from the global level as far as the conservation of genetic heritage and carbon are concerned, to the local level for the supplying of bordering populations in food.

The establishment, and then the management and the extension of protected areas go through negotiation and dialogue between the actors in charge of nature conservation and their partners. One of this dialogue’s core themes is the nature of the economic relationships that bordering populations build with protected areas (Naidoo, 2008).

In this perspective, IUCN-PAPACO has wished to have a tool that will enable in principle to assess the nature and scope of the local economic benefits that a protected area is likely to generate for bordering populations in the West African sub-continent.

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