The News on African Protected Areas (NAPA)

The News on African Protected Areas (NAPA) is a monthly newsletter produced by Papaco. The NAPA deals with current events, studies, trainings, interviews, jobs advertising… related to protected areas across the whole continent.

NAPA Newsletter of the month

Stories of African PAs

The NAPA 116 is about conservancies in Kenya and Namibia. It also deals with our MOOC and a few job offers.

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Our Previous Letters

Date Issues Download
1 Oct 2007 Evaluation Guinea-Bissau / Equity workshop Dakar (in French only) Equity workshop Dakar
2 Nov 2007 APAO project (in French only)  PDF
3 Dec 2007 Evaluation Ivory Coast / Classification of PAs by ecoregions (in French only)  PDF
4 Jan 2008 Evaluation Mauritania / UNESCO Man and Biosphere Regional Program (in French only)  PDF
5 Feb 2008 Evaluation Mali / European Commission (in French only)  PDF
6 March 2008 Marine protected areas (in French only)  PDF
7 April 2008 Evaluation Guinea / Creation of the PA of Termit in Niger / 3rd World Congress of Biosphere Reserves (Madrid) (in French only)  PDF
8 May 2008 Master GAP (in French only)  PDF
9 June 2008 A few actions by the World Heritage Sites in West Africa / “Children and elephants of the region of Boromo” Program (in French only)  PDF
10 July 2008 Funding conservation (in French only)  PDF
11 Sept 2008 Evaluation Chad and Togo / Work Program on PAs (PoWPA) / Human-lion conflict in the Upper Nigeria National Park, Guinea (in French only)  PDF
12 Oct 2008 Equity (in French only)  PDF
13 Nov 2008 Local initiatives (in French only)  PDF
14 Dec 2008 Institutions et local iniatives (in French only)  PDF
15 Jan 2009 APAO’s first review (in French only)  PDF
16 Feb 2009 Extractive industries (in French only)  PDF
17 March 2009 Launching the Master on PA management (in French only)  PDF
18 April 2009 Private sector participation in PA management / Evaluation Burkina Faso / Hunting tourism in Africa (in French only)  PDF
19 May 2009 Strategy control of the Typha australis / Co-management in the Aïr and Ténéré nature reserve in Niger (in French only)  PDF
20 June 2009 Writings and poems (in French only)  PDF
21 July 2009 APAO mid-term review / CMAP Steering Committee meeting (in French only)  PDF
22 Sept 2009 Improving the management of PAs in West Africa / The future of the work program on PAs of the Convention on Biological Diversity / Use of trap camera in desert environments (in French only)  PDF
23 Oct 2009 On-going training on PA management (in French only)  PDF
24 Nov 2009 Thematic reflections on improving the management of PAs (in French only)  PDF
25 Dec 2009 Community areas (in French only)  PDF
26 Dec 2009 Photos (in French only)  PDF
27 Jan 2010 Assessment of RAMSAR / Community Marine Protected Area sites in Bambourg (Senegal) (in French only)  PDF
28 Feb 2010 Desertic protected areas (in French only)  PDF
29 March 2010 Evaluation Ghana / African Bush Cam interview  PDF
30 April 2010 Land-use planning (CARPE Program)  PDF
31 May 2010 “Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice” (BSTTA) / Work Program on PAs (PoWPA)  PDF
32 June 2010 Elephant conservation  PDF
33 July 2010 Big game hunting and conservation  PDF
34 Sept 2010 Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) / Evaluation Niger  PDF
35 Oct 2010 Ecotourism and conservation  PDF
36 Nov 2010 Role and place of local NGOs locales for West African protected areas conservation  PDF
37 Dec 2010 Conclusion of our forum on local NGO’s  PDF
38 Jan 2011 The protected areas program of IUCN in West and Central Africa (Papaco), what we did, what we expect to do…  PDF
39 Feb 2011 Local economic values of savanna protected areas  PDF
40 March 2011 DRC parks _ Deux Balé park (Burkina)_ training courses for parks managers_ Rüppel vultures in Niger  PDF
41 April 2011 Legal and institutional arrangements for PA management in West Africa_How to protect and recover forest areas in Benin _ Training courses for parks managers in Ouagadougou _ Database on birds in Niger  PDF
42 May 2011 Program on “local conservation”  PDF
43 June 2011 Management of protected areas in Burundi, Benin and Liberia  PDF
44 July 2011 World Heritage in Africa _ Local initiatives in Togo  PDF
45 Sept 2011 “Mining” in West Africa and its possible (positive or not) impacts on conservation of protected areas  PDF
46 Oct 2011 Climate change and the role of protected areas in adaptation processes  PDF
47 Nov 2011 PA management training courses _ small grants for conservation _ REDD+_ IUCN world congress (2012)_ “Best practices guidelines” _Discussion about what “wilderness” means nowadays PDF
48 Dec 2011 Biodiversity and protected areas in East and South Africa  PDF
49 Jan 2012 Governance and PA stakeholders in West Africa  PDF
50 Feb 2012 Implementing management plans in West and Central African PAs  PDF
51 March 2012 PA in Congo (Brazzaville)_ Research program in Southern Africa _ Sustainable funding of PA _ Elephants in north Cameroun  PDF
52 April 2012 IUCN Red List  PDF
53 May 2012 A road map for African protected areas, first axe: healthy PAsLocal governance to the rescue of biological diversity  PDF
54 June 2012 A road map for African protected areas, second axe: efficient PAsSensitization on environment conservation: an example in MadagascarTowards a better governance at all levels: what ambition for Rio+20?  PDF
55 July 2012 A road map for African protected areas, third axe: sustainable PAsAn IUCN/WCPA initiative to improve the management of PAs: Green ListFinancing of conservation strategies?Consultation and land-use planning as a tool for conservation management  PDF
56 Sept 2012 Comments about the Road Map for African PAs / Innovative financing of the Gola Rainforest, Sierra Leone / Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+): evolution  PDF
57 Oct 2012 World Conservation Congress in Jeju / Extracts from IUCN position paper: PAs and the Aïchi Targets / Governance / CEPF invests in the Eastern Afromontane Hotspot  PDF
58 Nov 2012 E-learning for PA management / CEDAMM: Wildlife Conservation Society training  PDF
59 Dec 2012 PAs and their categories / Great Apes Survival: cautions conservation vigilance / WCPA: PAs / African World Heritage Funds  PDF
60 Jan 2013 Conserving dryland biodiversity / IUCN news from Madagascar / WCPA: Capacity building in sub-Saharan Africa  PDF
61 Feb 2013 Invasive plants in PAs of West Africa (Part 1) / Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Program (BIOPAMA) / Beekeeping Benin  PDF
62 March 2013 Invasive plants in PAs of West Africa (Part 2) / West African Savannah Foundation in Benin (FSOA) / News on African elephant and rhinos  PDF
63 April 2013 Capacity building needs and offers in West and Central Africa / Consultation workshop between extractive industries and World Heritage sites / Forest elephants close to extinction / FRB: Modeling and scenarios of biodiversity / Good governance of NGOs / Business skills for World Heritage Program for 2013  PDF
64 May 2013 Law enforcement monitoring in PAs  PDF
65 June 2013 Increased involvement of local communities in management of PAs (interview) / Ecological resilience and socio-economic development: Dja Biosphere reserve / Ending illegal activities in Togodo-Sud National Park (Togo) / Kenya: Elders and poaching / Summary: IUCN Great Apes Conservation and Forest Certification / WCPA: Proving natural solutions to 21st century challenges / The Marrakesh Declaration  PDF
66 July 2013 Future for lions in Waza National Park, Cameroon / Pepper to reconcile men and elephants around Pendjari National Park / Local conservation of the bonobos / Harmonious coexistence between humans and elephants  PDF
67 Sept 2013 Climate change, PAs, and communities in Togo / IUCN: vertebrate fauna in West and Central Africa / Fire monitoring system / Vultures: wildlife poaching  PDF
68 Oct 2013 Conservation Trust Funds vs Project approach for Biodiversity Conservation  PDF
69 Nov 2013 Ecological restoration for PAs  PDF
70 Dec 2013 IUCN World Parks Congress, Sydney 2014 / The Atewa Range Forest Reserve (Ghana)  PDF
71 Jan 2014 Results and effects of major conservation projects on PAs in Central and West Africa (I/III) / JRC workshop on remote sensing for conservation (Ispra, Italy) / AniMove  PDF
72 Feb 2014 Results and effects of major conservation projects on PAs in Central and West Africa (II/III)  PDF
73 March 2014 Results and effects of major conservation projects on PAs in Central and West Africa (III/III) / The Earth Skills Network: Training and Mentoring to Support Management Effectiveness  PDF
74 April 2014 22 stories on conservation in Africa for the IUCN World Parks Congress  PDF
75 May 2014 Wildlife monitoring practices and use in Central Africa / International conference: “Ecosystems, Economy, and Society: how large-scale restoration can stimulate sustainable development”  PDF
76 June 2014 Ecological monitoring of PAs in Central Africa (4 monitoring systems) / BIOPAMA: Convening stakeholders  PDF
77 July 2014 Nature conservation and environmental management by communities / SIF: Satellite tags attached to 2 of Aldabra’s green turtles  PDF
78 Sept 2014 Environmental complementarity between public, private and communities PAs / Words from local stakeholders in West and Central Africa / Training course – CIRAD: Wildlife and development / Green List of PAs  PDF
79 Oct 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress: on the road to the Congress  PDF
80 Nov 2014 The shift of African PAs / Development or Conservation?  PDF
81 Dec 2014 Models of shared governance in francophone Africa (integrating local communities) / The Green List  PDF
82 Jan 2015 The Promise of Sydney / The threat posed by unregulated use of poison to Africa’s biodiversity, ecosystems, and human health / A climate change vulnerability assessment of West African species  PDF
83 Feb 2015 Training courses on PA management: assessment of ongoing initiatives and perspectives (PAPACO & MOOC) / The Earth Skills Network: Training and Mentoring to Support Management Effectiveness  PDF
84 March 2015 Governance of PAs in Africa – A global review  PDF


85 April 2015 Private governance of PAs (Part 1)  PDF
86 May 2015 Private governance of PAs (Part 2)  PDF
87 June 2015 State governed PAs  PDF
88 July 2015 Shared governance of PAs  PDF
89 September 2015 Large-scale extinction of large carnivores in PAs of West and Central Africa / Developing a long-term vision for elephants and people / Investigation on the state of large and medium-size wildlife in Bafing PAs  PDF
90 October 2015 MOOC and PAPACO website / Exploring options for Pooling the Administrative, Investment Management, and Training Functions of Conservation Trust Funds PDF
91 November 2015 Systematic conservation planning systems for PAs in the face of climate change in West Africa / Regional climate projections and projections of change in ecosystem services under climate change / Strategic elements for anti-poaching / From local biodiversity conservation initiatives to national strategies PDF
92 December 2015  State of biodiv conservation in W and C Africa PDF
93 January 2016  Conservation and civil society in Africa PDF
94 February 2016 IUCN Identification and Gap Analysis of Key Biodiversity Areas / The Earth Skills Network: Training and Mentoring to Support Management Effectiveness / Consultancy on illicit trade in wildlife and wildlife products PDF
95 March 2016 WCPA strategy on capacity building in PAs _ feedbacks on MOOC GAP 2015 PDF
96 April 2016 UNESCO biosphere reserves in Africa PDF
97 May 2016 EU conservation strategy in Africa PDF
98 June 2016 EU strategic approach to wildlife conservation in Africa PDF
99 July 2016 Equity in protected areas PDF
100 September 2016 Success stories in West and Central African PAs PDF
101 October 2016 Resilience and Adaptation Planning for climat change PDF
102 November 2016 Urban protected areas: management and governance PDF
103 December 2016 Connected solutions for conservation of PAs PDF
104 January 2017 MOOC on PA management: assessment of impacts – Green List in Benin PDF
105 February 2017 Innovative funding of PAs in Africa PDF
106 March 2017 Managing Multi International Designations PDF
107 April 2017 Standards for Key Biodiversity Areas – MOOC PDF
108 May 2017 MOOC – Carnivores in Africa – Pendjari NP PDF
109 June 2017 Guidelines on Rangers capacities and training – Discussion on lion trophy hunting – MOOC PDF
110 July 2017 Conservation of Marine Protected Areas NAPA 110
111 September 2017  Antipoaching in African Protected Areas – MOOC  NAPA 111
112 October 2017  IUCN national committees – MAB mono reserve – MOOC  NAPA 112
113 November 2017  Species reintroduction – Panorama – MOOC – UD NAPA 113
114 December 2017  Governance of non state PA in Kenya – MOOC – GL NAPA 114
115 January 2018  MOOCs on PA management: program for 2018 NAPA 115
116 February 2018  Conservancies in Kenya and Namibia – MOOCs NAPA 116
117 March 2018